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Three Levels of Self-Care

Self-care is important for everyone, as it’s an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves. Engaging in healthy behaviors has a positive impact on our overall health. Research shows...

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Why Self Care Matters

To improve oneself – and the very best you can be!In my world of Aesthetics and Beauty, I have had the greatest pleasure introducing self-care through my work. I get...

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Love for Black Hair

Every person has their own hair journey. In many communities, hair is an element of a person’s culture and identity. This also is the case for Black women. There are...

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Childlike Joy

Childhood Joy comes out in each and every one of us in the Holiday Season! When Christmas time comes around, we reflect. We remember our childhood. We think back on...

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Dignity = Respect

Dignity, for me, is about respecting yourself and others. There are many ways we can show this kind of respect every single day, and those ways are simpler than you...

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Dignity in Caregiving

Caregiving is an integral part of our society. We have all given care to someone or received care from someone. It could have been a friend, family member or neighbor....

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Hold your head high. Treat others with care and respect. And the dignity of your days will come shining through. There is a magic in dignity. Human dignity, respect and...

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