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Feng Shui for Wellbeing: Harnessing the Power of Personal and Space Energy

Our wellbeing is directly linked to our personal energy, the energy of our spaces and how we interact with them. By taking time for self-care, and creating an environment that supports our highest potential, we can tap into the power of Feng Shui to enhance our lives in remarkable ways. Feng Shui teaches us that home is the place where the heart resides. When our heart synchronizes with the heart of the home, it offers us love, promise, memories, and dreams.

Self-care may look different for everyone, but there are some universally helpful practices that can assist us in centering ourselves and creating an atmosphere of harmony. Taking time to declutter our home or office, using calming essential oils, and engaging in regular mindfulness practices, can all bring Feng Shui energy into balance. When we nurture our own needs first, we create a space that is conducive to positive energy and growth. Self-care matters in Feng Shui, because it allows us to be more mindful of our environment and the impact it can have on our lives. By showing up and offering support to ourselves, we can make meaningful changes that will ultimately bring greater satisfaction and joy into our lives.

Our mental health directly impacts wellbeing, so it is vital to use some self-care to ensure that our sense of dignity is intact. Self-esteem can help build confidence and foster a sense of worth, enabling people to love themselves and feel valued by others. Boost your self-worth by scheduling a pedicure at a local salon. The winter can be tough on your feet, so soak, moisturize, and enjoy the foot massage! Plan a gathering in your home. Love of friends and family is important for our mental health and an important ingredient of our self-care regiment. Express your love of community by serving a meal at a local hospital or soup kitchen. Share your big heart, and the result is an unexpected gift to yourself. Take a walk outdoors, opening your arms to the heavens, and feel the magnificence and love of Mother Earth! Splurge on fresh flowers, break out a box of chocolates, get cozy with a book or favorite movie, and celebrate the life you love because YOU MATTER!!

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