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Three Levels of Self-Care

Self-care is important for everyone, as it’s an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves. Engaging in healthy behaviors has a positive impact on our overall health. Research shows that self care activities can prevent, delay on the onset, and treat a variety of conditions. These health conditions vary from heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease to cancer. One strategy is to emphasize self-care at three key levels: personal, family and community.

  1. Personal: An important aspect of personal self care behaviors is self-awareness. We need to listen to our bodies and observe for changes.

  2. Family: Another critical part of self-care is having the support of family and friends. Our social network can help decrease barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Community: The third element of self-care involves our environment. Our neighborhood impacts access to healthy foods and safe places to exercise.

Too often, we take care of others before we take care of ourselves. Instead of putting off self-care, prioritize it. It’s a time of the day to be selfish. Think about how you, your family/friends, and your community influence your self-care journey.

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