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Women are Different and Magical

Women ARE different compared to the male species.

It’s their innate unique differences, hormone profile, and expression that actually make women the beautiful beings they are! Women help balance the planet with this gift.

This is an article that celebrates female differences and teaches how to harness that power on the deepest level. All can benefit from this knowledge.

Women have a cycle with Four Phases that are very much like the moon’s phases. Women are meant to feel and express themselves differently based on those patterns.

When in balance, women experience a cycle in alignment with their true nature and with nature itself.

But when women feel off balance (chaotic, stressed, disturbed, scattered), that’s when symptoms including PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) can emerge.

The four phases of a woman’s cycle are Menstrual (shedding of the uterine lining), Follicular (about 7-10 days post bleed), Ovulatory (3-4 days of optimal fertility), and Luteal (10-14 days leading up to the next Menstrual phase). Day 1 is the first day of bleeding and the full cycle length beginning to end varies. It can be 23 days, 28 days, 35, days, etc.

Each phase brings about different hormones that make up a symphony inside the female body. When in balance, that symphony changes naturally in tone, vibration, and energy, all the while still sounding in beautiful harmony.

The first half of the cycle is expansive - energy increases as estrogen increases. This is the time to take on new challenges, boost communication, and be social and outgoing.

❝When in balance, women experience a cycle in alignment with their true nature and with nature itself.❞

The second half of the cycle draws inward like an exhale of breath. Women naturally want to nest, feel more nurturing, and contemplative. It’s the time to prepare for the Menstrual phase and a feeling of “renewal” as the cycle begins again.

When the hormones in each of these phases are imbalanced, suppressed, and/or accelerated too much in any way, that’s when the symphony sounds out of tune and “dissonant”.

Think of it like this: When your ear hears a chord progression that’s in tune, you feel at peace. When your ear hears a chord that is dissonant it can, quite literally, make the body want to constrict. Something doesn’t “feel right”.

Now, are women meant to be “perfect”? No. That’s not what is being described. Rather, it’s the idea of working in conjunction with their truest nature rather than seeking to push against it.

Women are not “linear” in nature as much as men.

If you are a woman reading this and have tried to push yourself in work, career, relationships, health, fitness, etc. to be “the same” each and every day, exhibit the same level of energy every single day, communicate the same way every single day, that’s actually not your normal nature. But you can STILL feel great within each phase of your cycle.

In order to accomplish that, you must learn, understand, and listen to what your body needs in each phase to thrive.

The best way women can experience this delicious cycle and support their natural rhythm is by “Cycle Synching”. That means eating certain nutrients, doing certain activities, and planning life in accordance with each phase.

Cycle Synching provides instant variety in one’s diet and lifestyle.

For example, eating lighter, more expansive foods in the first half of a woman's cycle supports natural building energy like chicken, eggs, bibb lettuce, zucchini, etc.

Foods like brussels sprouts, salmon, and berries are very supportive to the Ovulatory phase when women are most fertile.

And certain foods like grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower are grounding, rich in iron, naturally sweet, and exactly what women need during their Luteal phase. The body is preparing to either create life or shed the uterine lining and start anew.

Activities like weight training, cardio, and challenging physical movement are perfect for the first half of the cycle. While activities like yoga, walking, pilates, and gentle movements are perfect for the later part of the cycle.

If you are as fascinated by this amazing natural process that occurs in women as we are, we can help you learn how to align your entire life to feel your best with each phase. Women flow, glow, and feel free when they work in conjunction with their differences and their truest nature.

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