The Power of Creativity

When one thinks of creativity, they might imagine an artist like a painter, an actor, a singer, or someone who invents things.

The truth is, we all possess the power of creativity and can use it to improve our own health!

Over the years, I have created many habits and rituals I love in order to feel my absolute best every day. Certain habits feel like brushing my teeth, and they stick no matter what is going on. Other habits, like non-negotiable meal planning, sometimes need a refresher.

That’s where creativity comes in. If I’m ever feeling bored with my current routine, it’s time to reignite my spirit and explore new options with food!

This can be accomplished by trying one new recipe during the week, getting creative with the ingredients I already have, or picking up new vibrant whole foods at the grocery store and exploring how they taste and what I can do with them in the kitchen.

Another powerful habit to create is what you do first thing in the morning. Creating a morning ritual you love is a sure way to set you up for success all day long, mind, body, and soul.

I love to get up early, work out to ignite my brain, and get some natural sunlight outside! I also love to sip organic homemade coffee and write in my journal. Having a morning ritual is not only enjoyable, it further sparks my creativity for my business, personal life, and problem solving.

The great news about being creative with your health and with crafting any habit you want is you don’t have to be born with magical talents. Using creativity to your advantage is as easy as giving yourself the time and space to use it!

Some of the best writers will tell you that they have their “good days” and their “bad days.” They aren’t always feeling creative, but what helps them be creative is showing up for themselves each and every day with consistency.

If developing your creativity is something you want to explore, some excellent books are The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Sparking your creativity in any art-form will further infuse all areas of your life and health with purpose, inspiration, and joy!

If you also want to craft habits that stick, read Atomic Habits by James Clear. We use habit change with all our clients, so they are set up for long-term health success with food and lifestyle.

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