Spring Reset

Hello to Spring Skin Everyone❣️

I’m so excited every time the Spring Season comes around. Flowers blooming. A reawakening. Truly, a rebirth. And, with all this comes that wonderful moment – a realization that we can take control of our lives and shape new destiny – with a ‘Spring Reset.’

No matter what happens in Spring...Skin happens...it's truly the time for cellular turnover! Maybe you didn't know that? But the body knows the four seasonal changes that happen...coast to coast for all skin types. Skin changes no matter where you are in the world...however, based on skin types and conditions, we are up to the challenge. Women feeling good about themselves and their daily routines. Creating a ‘Reset’ is a very personal journey for each of us. Knowing that ‘skin health is health,’ and applying well proven natural practices, gives us a basic foundation. Then, of course, you will want to add in some personal touches that are unique to your regimen. When you do all this with gusto, Spring is a time that can make you feel that your Reset is on target to be a personal campaign to change the world! Onwards and upwards!

In this edition of The Ballou Review, we explore what it means to do a ‘Spring Reset.’ Our team of experts – spanning a variety of disciplines – shares tips on how you can use the opportunity for a ‘Reset’ – to take stock of where you are and set yourself on a new trajectory. A chance to set new patterns in place and experience life at an even higher level.

So, please enjoy these insights, as well as the underlying philosophies that are explained. Without a doubt, if you embrace this moment and take full advantage of the ‘Spring Reset’ opportunity, you will be in the perfect position to experience the ‘Summer of Your Life!’

With Gratitude,

Karen Ballou

Founder & CEO




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