Skincare for Men — Message from Karen

Men's skincare is interesting. It’s not about ‘beauty’ in the same way that we think about women’s skincare. Instead, I like to use the word ‘grooming.’ And, of course, in the case of both men and women, we need to also be constantly thinking about ‘skin health.’ As you know, and if you’ve been following The Ballou Review, skin health is really the foundation for lasting beauty, and not surprisingly, it is also critical to the way we think about men’s grooming as well.

Up until recently, shaving has been men's skincare... now we have entered a new conversation with men that after shaving there are areas of the skin that need to be cared for beyond just shaving. Men are beginning to ask 'how do I care for my skin?’ I love this...and know it's the right question. As a way to get started, I like giving men a simple regimen of hydration and skin detoxification. That means cleanse, and hydrate...and masking for detoxifying!

In this edition of the TBR, I am excited to share how men's skincare can be integrated into every part of a man's daily routine. Our expert contributors address the topic from a variety of interesting angles. So, please enjoy! If you are a man, I hope you find these insights helpful. And, if you’re a woman, please share these tips with the man you love.

With Gratitude,

Karen Ballou

Founder & CEO



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