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Our Feng Shui Master Shares How to Apply Feng Shui to Create a Natural Glow

In this video, Feng Shui Master & President of EcoChi, Debra Duneier, shares her expert advice on how to create a healthy glow using Feng Shui principles, and how the element of fire should be an essential component of your skincare and wellness routine. Feng Shui may seem like a complex art, but it's not, and Debra gives us a simple and easy-to-understand overview.

Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Debra Duneier, and I am your Feng Shui Master. Today I'd like to talk a little bit about creating a glow, and how do we go about doing that based on Feng Shui principles. So I'd like to tell you a little bit first about what Feng Shui is. It is an intuitive art about how to arrange your indoor environment to support you in creating harmony and balance in your life, and it's directly connected to nature. The principles are all about what's found in nature. And then you can bring into the home to actually continue that wonderful experience that we're all made to be part of and connected to. So when we think about a beautiful sunny day in the summer, a warm sunny day, and that kind of glow — wow, it's really amazing. And it is when we think about possibly bringing that indoors related to one of the five elements, the element of fire. So think about a beautiful garden or a field of bright red tulips, or the ancient sacred architecture used to build the pyramids in this beautiful triangular form. Those are all Feng Shui ideas that I like to kind of hold on to as we move on. Now in traditional Chinese medicine, the heart, the human heart is fire energy, and as we all know, within our hearts lies our passion and also our love. It is like a candle that is lit from within a glow, it's what makes us most happiest, and the thing that really, when we look back on our lives, it's what made the most impressions on us, and all were our most important experiences. So how do we bring that into the indoors? Well, one tip would be to bring the colors of a red and fiery orange into your environment. This holds the fire energy and directly connects to your heart, passion, and love as well. The other thing is to think about those pyramids and bring triangles into the space where you want to feel this passion. As well as the shapes and the shape of a triangle, as well as the colors of red and kind of a fiery orange. There's also lighting to consider, and you may have a room that has beautiful daylight during the day, but we want to layer that lighting other kinds of lighting so that you can adjust your mood. Maybe put your overhead lights on at one point. Maybe leave those on and just put some lamp lighting on, which changes the mood, but this light also influences how we are feeling and how we glow. These principles actually bring into your life in abundance all of the things that you're looking for. So if you happen to be looking for passion, if you happen to be looking for love, and who is it? These are the kinds of things that you can put in your environment to support you and to help to bring them in. We have all either known people or if we're looking enough, we've experienced passion in our life's work, passion in our relationships, with friends and family, and possibly even romantic a passion and love. But also, when you think about the world, I know one of the things that make me feel most passionate is being connected to nature. So connected to nature, connected to community, and bringing those kinds of symbols into your home, your office, any of the spaces you're spending time in are sure to make you glow. Now, when thinking about skin care, I would say that one of the things that's most related to this fire element would be an exfoliator. So reach for your clean product, your beautiful natural product, and apply your exfoliation to your for your face, and exfoliate away and do that while thinking about all of the passion, joy and love you want to bring into your life. Maybe at that time, you're in a very well lit area, maybe you even want to do it outdoors in the sunshine and just take care of yourself. And remember, it's important to be passionate and loving to yourself and taking care. Self care is one of the most important steps to bring you to a real glow.

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