Karen’s Corner: Practical Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin’s Microbiome

We all wonder - what are some of the best ways to make sure our skin’s microbiome is healthy, and working to support glowing, radiant skin. Here are three practical tips that I personally recommend:

1) Don’t ‘Over Wash’ or ‘Over Exfoliate'

Each time we wash or exfoliate, we remove layers of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, many of which are critical to sustaining a healthy skin. So, be careful. Don’t overdo it.

2) Watch Your Diet: ‘Skin Health Is Health.'

Great words to remember. So, when you’re choosing your diet — think natural and organic. And, stay away from several food groups in particular that can have negative effects on your skin as well as your overall health. In this category, I personally recommend that you limit your consumption of processed foods, especially starches and sweeteners, as well as your consumption of dairy, while emphasizing plant based nutrition, especially vegetables.

3) Hydration Is Key

Many of us struggle to stay hydrated. Generally, it is recommended that we consume at least 64 ounces of water a day, and perhaps a bit more if you have been exercising or out in the heat. Meanwhile, it’s also important to hydrate your skin directly. I recommend applying a high quality, natural moisturizer at least twice per day. And, make sure it has an effective delivery system so that the product doesn’t just ‘sit on the skin.’ It needs to penetrate. In addition, oils and serums will also help nourish your skin to keep it in balance - making your skin both healthy and quite happy.

If you have particular questions where I can be helpful, please write to me directly here. And, I will do my best to get back to you with personal advice to help you in your journey of wellness.

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