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Engaging Your Senses for an Abundant Experience

Living a life of abundance means living a full life. While there are many ways to strive for an abundant life, one way is to set an intention of having an abundant mindset. What’s nice about intentions is that it’s available to all of us. An approach to creating abundance out of any ordinary experience is to engage

our five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. When we set our intention to be aware of engaging our five senses, we can enhance any experience.

Here is one example of how engaging your five senses can transform an ordinary experience into an abundant experience. This example is a leisurely outdoor bike ride.

  • Sight – When riding a bike, we can enjoy the sights around us. We can watch people walking or riding their bike nearby. Also, if we pay attention to our surrounds and look closely on the ground, we may see small critters scrambling around.

  • Hearing – Riding a bike allows us to hear a variety of sounds. We may hear birds chirping or dogs barking. We can also hear ourselves breathing, especially if we’re riding up a hill. Lastly, we can hear the bike wheels rolling on the ground, the click of the wheels when we are not pedaling, as well as the changing of the gears.

  • Touch – On a bike, our feet can feel the pedals, and our hands can feel the handle bars. Also, we can feel nature from the wind to the warmth of the sun on our faces. Depending on the conditions of the terrain, we may feel the bumps in the road. Also, if it’s a warmer day, then we can feel sweat on our skin.

  • Taste – During a bike ride, we may need to refuel and hydrate our bodies. We can enjoy the taste of eating a banana or drinking fruit-infused water. Further, we may decide to ride our bikes to a coffee shop and savor the tastes of food and beverages there.

  • Smell – A bike ride in different environments can lend itself to different scents. We could smell flowers in bloom or fresh bread baking from a local bakery. If it starts to rain, then we may notice new nature smells from the rain.

In addition, an abundant skin care experience can be created by appreciating and involving our five senses. We can look at the beautiful containers, hear the sound of the exfoliating lotion on our skin, feel the face mask on our skin, taste the lip moisturizer, and finally smell all of the products. Indeed, engaging our five senses is an intention that we can apply to any experience. Tapping into the interaction of our five senses during an experience is a great way to be abundant in mind, body and spirit.

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