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Dancing as a Creative Wellness Practice

Incorporating creativity into wellness is a powerful approach that can be utilized in any wellness activity. Some of the joys of creativity include having a sense of openness, being innovative, and being playful. Let’s focus on the example of dancing. Here are 3 ways that creativity and dancing intersect:

  • Openness to new movements – Regardless of which form of dance we pursue, there are different ways to execute a dance routine. Dancing is dynamic, which means we can layer on a new twist to an old movement or create a new movement sequence. In addition, we can create a different dance experience, shifting to either solo dancing or partnered dancing.

  • Being innovative with the music – Dancing is a platform that allows our bodies and music to be in synchrony. If we vary the tempo of the music, it can change the rhythm of the dance. Through dancing, we can let the music move our bodies in unexpected ways to match the music.

  • Adding playfulness – The playful side of dance can be explored through many avenues. A few fun dimensions of dance include props such as balls, canes, or stuffed animals, as well as outfits like hats, shoes, or clothes. Also, we can decide if we want to show off our glowing skin with or without makeup when we dance. Dancing gives us the opportunity to express our own playful style and flair.

There are endless ways to tap into creativity through dance. In addition, dancing is a self-care practice for the mind, body, and spirit. I share more details about this holistic view of dancing in a video, which you can see on my website.

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