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Creating the Glow – With Baby Steps, It’s Easier Than You May Think

I like to think of the skin as the body’s 'check engine light'. When it is glowing (THINK well hydrated, free of inflammation and breakouts, awake and radiant), all systems are GO!. The body is in harmony. We are adequately hydrating, eating properly, managing our stress, getting enough sleep and caring for our skin appropriately. Genetics of course plays a role too, but the way we decide to care for our bodies has the greatest impact.

As a dermatologist, I am asked about this glow often. Most of the time, patients are looking for that simple fix. They want me to recommend a cream, a procedure, or a supplement. And while an appropriate skincare regimen is important, cosmetic procedures can fix certain things and supplements can be needed, these things alone will not get you the glow. That glow takes dedication to wellness for the entire body. And seeing the improvements to our overall health and skin when we take care of our whole body leads to another facet of the outward glow. I am talking about confidence, reduced anxiety and depression; essentially balanced mental health. And these results continue to inspire us to take care of ourselves in this amazing loop.

"Don’t try to overhaul your whole life at once. Start with nutrition, because getting that where it needs to be gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’."

But I understand it is not easy. Getting healthy routines established in our busy lives is hard. Taking time to cook a meal or completing a workout following a day of work is hard. I am a big fan of baby steps. Don’t try to overhaul your whole life at once. Start with nutrition, because getting that where it needs to be gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’.

In truth, nutrition is easy – despite the fact that the media, the government, and companies that want to sell products try to make it hard and confusing. Just focus on eating a whole food plant-based diet. You will slim down and be able to move better. You will likely reduce your need for medications to treat chronic diseases and avoid their side effects. You will save money on supplements, since there is no need to worry about vitamin, mineral and protein deficiencies, because they do not happen on a whole food plant-based diet. (Did you hear that?)

Your gut microbiome will be happy, reducing your body’s overall inflammation and reducing breakouts. Your skin will be prepared with antioxidants to deal with the environmental damage it experiences every day.

You will be well on your way to that glow. And, that glow…it is worth it!

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