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Transforming Your Health With Optimal Hydration

One of THE best things you could do to detox your body, give yourself glowing skin, and truly transform your health on a cellular level is to upgrade your water routine.

So many of my clients come to me with sugar cravings, low energy, dry skin, brain fog, digestive issues, weight/metabolic issues, etc. I can help them feel immensely better within days when we do just a few things to their water routine.

First and foremost, making sure it’s filtered! The EPA has recognized over 80 contaminants found in our tap water that can pose a risk to human health. They can’t be seen by the naked eye, but that water includes toxins like residual chemicals from medications, lead, dry cleaning agents, and unfortunately, many more. So gross!

Sorry to say that while it is cheap, Brita filters just don’t cut it. I care about my health, the health of my family, and my clients, so I only use what I recommend for those I love. My go-to water filter is Berkey. That link gives you 10% off.

Ideally, you are also filtering the water from your sinks to wash your hands and face, and your shower! There are decent filters on Amazon nowadays too, at the very least, get chlorine and some basic contaminants out of the water you put all over your skin! The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything you put on it. If you want a full upgrade, you can get home systems that clean all the water in your environment!

Side note on filtered water in water bottles - a lot of companies make bogus claims, making it seem the water is pure gold, when in actuality, it’s expensive distilled water, acidic, and contained in toxic plastic. You will save major money (and plastic waste), and support your best health in the long run by upgrading your routine to include a filter at home.

Next on the list is to add minerals. When we filter water with a high-quality filtration system, it strips it of all the contaminants, but also the mineral content. We need minerals in our water in order to help get the water into our cells!

Have you ever noticed you drink water all day and have to pee constantly? It could be that you are lacking minerals and it’s “going right through you” without fully hydrating you. Add minerals/electrolytes, and you’ll notice you are actually hydrating the body and therefore needing to pee less!

CellCore: CT Minerals is my go-to mineral supplement of choice. I add this to my water daily. 1 syringe 2x/day. Practitioner Code: 4aSxLzR6.

If that’s not accessible, start by adding a pinch of sea salt to your water throughout the day. Sea salt has naturally occurring minerals! Just be sure not to get electrolyte drops or powders that contain chemical food dyes, fake sweeteners, regular sugar, or a host of ingredients you’re unfamiliar with!

Lastly, the amount. The old “drink 8 glasses of water a day” is very outdated. You may need more or less drinking water, depending on where you live, how much you sweat in a given day, and your diet and lifestyle!

My best rule of thumb is to shoot for ½ your body weight in ounces of water a day, more on days you sweat. Your urine should be light-colored yellow! Amber or darker means you’re dehydrated, and clear could mean you are drinking too much (yes, that’s possible and does more harm than good). I recommend drinking a full 12 ounces of mineralized water first thing in the morning, as you’ve been without water for several hours while sleeping. It will start your day off on a great note!

We covered filtering your water, adding minerals back in, and the average amount to aim for. Now the most important part: you must learn to make hydration a habit.

You could get the filter, the minerals, and a fancy water bottle for on-the-go, but if you don’t remember to drink it or get consistent with it, you won’t notice the benefits. To make it a daily non-negotiable habit, be sure that it’s always with you and right in front of you. Have a tracker so you know how many ounces you are actually drinking a day, and make it a rewarding experience for yourself!

Rewards could be downloading a tracker app, or enhancing its taste with delicious cucumber, citrus, herbs, and fruit. It must become a rewarding habit, or it won’t stick!

The best rewards come within even 1 week of your new routine: clearer, glowing skin, less digestive issues, as it supports gut motility, clearer thinking, no afternoon slump or sugar cravings, stable appetite throughout the day, and so much more. Our brain can confuse the cues for hunger and thirst, so if you’ve just eaten and still feel hungry, you might actually need water.

Here’s to upgrading your hydration and transforming your health!

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