In order to give our clients the healthiest, most refined skin, it is our belief that a skincare product must utilize the most innovate science and only the purest ingredients. This is what we’ve accomplished with Vital Oligo Science.Vincent Bourgeteau – Immunocologie Director of Research and Development

Our Science


Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and its first line of immunological defense. It is naturally built to protect you which means, while it requires nourishment, it is difficult to penetrate the skin’s barrier and care for it effectively.

To resolve this, skincare brands use something called a delivery system. Without any sort of delivery system, your products are unlikely to provide any true benefits, sitting only on the surface of the skin. But not all delivery systems are created equal. Historically, many products with delivery systems have used synthetics and chemical-based additives to deliver their ingredients to the skin, reducing the effectiveness of a product and feeding the skin potentially harmful ingredients. At Immunocologie, we do things differently.

After more than 10 years of research and development led by R&D Director Vincent Bourgeteau, Immunocologie introduced Vital Oligo Science: a natural skincare delivery system formulated by leveraging the way that raw earth minerals are naturally dispersed within French green clay. Vital Oligo Science simultaneously eliminates the need for synthetic ingredients while reducing inflammation and effectively transporting the vitamins and minerals vital to skin health.

What Vital Oligo Science allows us to do is harness the natural properties of the world’s most powerful ingredients, and use them to support your body from within. Rather than sitting on the outer layers of the skin, our natural, cold pressed and sustainably sourced actives penetrate to where they are needed most, where they adapt to your unique needs and promote more radiant, vibrant and healthier skin from the very first application.

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