The Magic of Abundance Mindset

Mindset is an incredible tool for success in any area of your life. Without it, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I could provide any one of my clients the best health education available today, but without a strong mindset, i.e. believing they can accomplish their goals, acknowledging resistance and being honest and compassionate with themselves, having a strong why statement, doing the work, etc., the education would fall flat very quickly.

Let me give you an example of the power of mindset. It’s very much a reflection of “glass half full vs glass half empty” and how that influences our choices and outcomes.

If I enter into a situation where I am believing in scarcity, meaning the belief that there are not enough resources to go around, that’s going to influence my experience of the situation. My body language is more likely to be closed off and protective. I might be a bit more defensive, on edge, or competitive, feeling threatened by anyone seemingly trying to “take what little I have.” I might also project that energy, feeling distrusting of others, fearful, and negative.

Yuck, right? We don’t want experiences like that. It doesn’t make us feel good and doesn’t attract people to want to get to know us better.

Now let’s imagine a scenario where we enter into it feeling powerful. Our body language is expansive, open, and inviting. We feel grateful for everyone and everything around us, and believe there are plenty of resources to go around. We know we are enough, have enough, and that gives us peace of mind. That reduces our cortisol levels and helps us feel grounded and safe. We believe that whatever we need will be provided. We have such great energy, it’s as if we’re glowing from the inside out, and people energetically want to get to know us and help us! We want to be generous with our time and energy, and help them in return.

Sounds AMAZING, right? The truth is - you do not need outward “worldly” possessions to experience life from that “mindset of abundance”. You don’t need to currently see millions of dollars in the bank to believe in abundant cash flow, have abundant outer possessions to feel abundantly successful, nor do you need likes and subscribers, followers, or be abundantly popular by numbers.

There are a wealth of resources at our disposal at any given moment. It’s being provided to us generously by life itself! We need only tap into that energy, that “field of all possibilities”, and possess an expansive mindset to reap the rewards of abundance.

Do you believe in the power of manifestation? I do. I know that when I am aligned with my truth, expressing daily gratitude for all that I have in my life, and believing I am safe, loved, and enough, life flows beautifully. I feel at peace, and things naturally happen without my forcing them. I experience “synchronicities” where I get connected to a wonderful new friend or support that I’ve been needing, or the thing that I am desiring “appears” without my clinging to it.

A friend of mine experiences this too in miraculous ways. She believes in the power of abundance when it comes to work opportunities, creative opportunities, and even her home furniture! She uses her imagination to get specific on what she is wanting or needing, looks at photos/images of her ideal, and then lets it go.

She has countless stories of manifesting jobs, things on her vision board coming true, and furniture pieces showing up right when she needs them. They’ve appeared behind her apartment building, on the side of the street, or a neighbor once stopped by during a move and said, “Would you like our couch and full kitchen table with chairs on the house?” Amazing furniture karma. ;)

All of that - manifestation, synchronicity, and peace - starts with an “abundance mindset”. Not just knowing what you want, but believing it’s already out there in the world, already on its way to you, and you need not beg for it, struggle for it, or lose sleep over it. You let it go, trust the process, give gratitude for all that you already have, and voila! Magic happens.

Try it with this little exercise, and I’d love to hear what happens.

If you are wanting something right now, begin by writing a gratitude list in the present tense, as if you already have it. Get specific. Example: if you want to have the health of your dreams, say how grateful you are for your amazing body! Write down all the little details of what your body does for you every day, how much you take care of it, and what you look forward to doing.

Then begin to act as if - what would a person with great health who loves their body do? Well, they might experiment with more fruits and veggies at the store, find a movement routine they love, hydrate daily, and get restful sleep every night. DO those things!

And how would a person with great health be? What kind of person do you want to be? Be that person now! This is the most powerful act of abundance we can do. We don’t need to “have” a specific number on the scale or fit into a particular size to have great health. In fact, that’s not even what we’re truly after. We always want to BE happy. And the great news is we can be whoever we want to be right now: a person who believes in abundance, a person who takes action from a place of trust, and watch as the universe responds in kind.

I’m forever grateful today, and always, for the abundant resources I’ve been provided to make my personal and professional dreams a reality, and seeing that abundance ripple out to those around me.

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