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Skincare for Men – A Nutrutionist’s Guide

When it comes to skincare foundations, I’m a Nutritionist, so I always start with optimal gut health! Your gut health not only has the power to transform your skin health, but also your hormonal health, brain health, libido, weight, longevity, and more.

Before I dive into the intricacies of gut health with my clients, I always teach them how to nail their 5 Foundations. You can’t skip this step! These 5 simple things have the power to make or break your ability to have age-less skin.

Check them out below. And don’t forget to also clean up your topical product choices using amazing skincare like Immunocologie.

5 Foundations of Skin Care for Men

Sleep - Gents, this has been studied profusely. You can’t have amazing skin without adequate sleep. Learn your body’s natural Circadian Rhythm, and you’ll learn exactly what to do, day-to-day, to live in conjunction with your true nature and have fantastic skin health! Ex: Did you know that your body naturally starts to produce Melatonin around 9pm? That’s not the time to binge-watch your favorite excitatory TV show, nor ingest stimulating substances like sugar, caffeine, or a “nightcap”. Give yourself a soothing wind-down routine and hit the hay by 10pm at the latest, sleeping at least 7-9 hours (whatever number helps you wake up feeling refreshed, with zero crashes throughout the day is your ideal). While you are sleeping, your body is receiving deep rest and rejuvenation to repair any damage, including healing the skin.

Hydration - Drink plenty of pure, filtered, mineral-rich water. About half your body weight in ounces per day is a great place to start. Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and our cells need lots of it to maintain balance. Water provides the medium for all chemical reactions in our body. Additionally, it helps to cleanse and purify toxic debris and wash away rancid oils from the skin. Therefore, drinking plenty of purified water throughout the day is one of the best habits to adopt for beautiful skin. I always add CellCore: CT Minerals to my water, because the filter takes minerals out too! Use 1 syringe 2x/day. Practitioner Code: 4aSxLzR6

Whole Foods - Make sure you’re eating wholesome foods that are from Mother Earth, and eat every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar stable, your hormones humming, and your skin bright and clear. To accomplish this, I recommend eating foods without a label at their peak freshness and quality at least 80% of the time. This way, when you have “human moments” (because no one is perfect), your body is capable of healing much faster and preventing “skin flares” and other inflammatory issues. Keep in mind that the most common inflammatory foods include gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, oils like canola, peanut oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, etc. If you love data and want to skip the “trial and error” process to know what foods are inflaming your body and your skin, get a Food intolerance test and a full blood panel workup. Find out which foods could be wreaking havoc on your gut and skin health without guessing, as well as mineral and nutrient insufficiencies on a cellular level that your skin needs to thrive.

Movement - One of the ways we achieve glowing skin is through releasing toxins. This is done through the process of elimination - healthy bowel movements at least once a day, urine, and sweat! Not only does movement get your sweat flowing, but it also supports gut motility, hormonal health, and optimal sleep (number 1 above!). Your mind, body, and skin will thank you from head to toe when you make sure to perform some moderate-intensity movement for at least 30 minutes every single day. If you can’t fit in a full workout, you can do just 8 minutes of Tabata in your home, stretch at your desk, and/or walk as much as possible!

Stress Management - I used the word “Management” because not all stress is bad, and we NEED healthy stress in our lives to thrive! Keeping our stress in check helps dial back inflammatory hormones from chronically overpowering our health and aging our skin. There are tools to help us swiftly get back to parasympathetic mode, where all our organs function at their best, including the largest organ of the body: the skin! To accomplish a more “balanced” stress response, I recommend activities like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. A little goes a LONG way, so I’m not suggesting hours a day! Even just 5 minutes or less of any of those activities will make a tremendous difference, and adds up like compound interest. You’ll feel more resilient and able to meet challenges head-on with greater grace and ease. Experiment and find which one helps you most, or try all 3 in one 15 minute session with gurus like Wim Hof! Cold water exposure via a 20-second shower once a day can also boost your resilience, reduce stress, AND give you glowing skin!

If you are nailing all of those 5 foundations every single day, and you STILL don’t have the skin you crave, we offer testing to get to the root of what’s still causing your unique body inflammation, and customize to make it work for you. Contact me, and I’m happy to help you uncover what your body needs to have the radiant skin you crave.

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