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Immunocologie harnesses the power of French green clay, enriched with 12 essential minerals, to alleviate skin stress, detoxify, and fortify against modern stressors. Our pioneering solution, Vital Oligo Science, ensures precise ingredient delivery for unparalleled absorption and remarkable results. Beyond skincare, it's about rebalancing your skin's microbiome, making it more resilient, robust, and brilliantly radiant.

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Vital Oligo Science is the study of minerals that are vital to our bodies and how they are effectively absorbed by the skin. Through ion exchange interactions with clay's ions and minerals, our patented delivery system enhances absorption and supports the skin barrier, fortifying its microbiome against inflammatory stressors.


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"I started Immunocologie to promote skin health, and to do that, I made sure every ingredient in our formulas does something vital to support skin—and nothing to harm it. We use 100% natural, plant based ingredients that are cold-pressed to maintain their nutritional integrity. And we choose only the best, safest ingredients." - Karen Ballou - CEO & Founder


The Ballou Review

Three Levels of Self-Care

Self-care is important for everyone, as it’s an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves. Engaging in healthy behaviors has a positive impact on our overall health. Research shows...

Why Self Care Matters

To improve oneself – and the very best you can be!In my world of Aesthetics and Beauty, I have had the greatest pleasure introducing self-care through my work. I get...


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