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Zoom Immunocologie Lava Mask
Zoom Immunocologie Lava Mask
Zoom Immunocologie 4-Pack Lava Mask


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a self-heating mask to repair & hydrate

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Hydrate | Stimulate | Energize

Centuries of wellness practices have recognized the circulation-boosting properties of heat therapy while civilizations as old as time have relied on the mineral-rich soils of volcanic-dusted earth. Using innovative Lava Gel® — a soothing, self-heating technology — this mask brings the power of both to your skincare routine. Heat helps send the repair-stimulating benefits of 12 essential minerals deep into the epidermis to strengthen and regenerate at the cellular level. Hydrates, refreshes, and leaves skin glowing.

Learn how to use it here.

    Black Lava Rock - This mineral-rich volcanic stone helps support skin's barrier and microbiome.

    Marine Algae (Red & Brown) - This seaweed is an ancient and abundant source of the vitamins, proteins and moisture skin needs to perform at its best.

    Hibiscus - The extract of this vibrant bloom supports natural collagen production, the foundation of firm skin.

    Magnesium & Iron - Elemental to function and structure, these minerals are key to the efficiency of the natural regeneration cycle within skin cells.

    Natural Minerals, Black Lava Rock, Magnesium, Iron, Kelp, Marine Algae, Glycerin And Hibiscus (Essential Oils).

    Cleanse face before using. Open pouch at top. Do not remove mask from pouch.
    Fill pouch with warm tap water (Max. 110°F or 43°C). Wait 30 to 60 seconds.
    Massage pouch to disperse water. Pour out excess. Push up from bottom of pouch to remove mask.
    Apply serum or oil under self-heating mask. Relax for 15-20 minutes, then lift off mask and discard. Cleanse face and follow with moisturizer.


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