Maskne Quick Relief Package

The skin becomes compromised while using a daily protective face mask; issues can include breakouts, oily skin, clog pores—some skin types even become dry and dehydrated, which leads to skin discomfort and inflammation.

Our new Maskne Quick Relief Package features two powerful products to clear skin right up.

1. Treat compromised skin to the detoxifying and oil-absorbing Spot Treatment to dry blemishes, renew, and refresh the skin.

2. Balance and nourish with our Vital Ionic Mist, which has been lab tested and proven to protect the skin. Spritz the mist all over the face and neck to balance the skin’s microbiome, moisturize, detoxify, and help protect it from free radicals, bacteria, and viruses.

As an added bonus, receive a $25 nanofilter face mask for free.