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Immunocologie was created by Karen, a veteran skincare executive, after she was diagnosed with cancer. As she recovered from the ravages of chemo, she made it her mission to create a safe, natural, effective skincare line designed to ensure skin health from the outside in.

Karen is an ingredient and formulation expert, a nutrition and skincare guru, and, following her diagnosis and recovery, an ardent believer in the importance of building a healthy immune system. She’s also a mom, wife, businesswoman, connector, and healthy living enthusiast.

Join us for fun, informational, and inspiring conversations with Karen and other influential members of the wellness world. Tune in, and be part of the conversation.



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A Deep Dive Into Immunity, Skincare & Nutrition

Karen shares her personal health journey, the story of Immunocologie’s beginning, and her advice for healthy living.

Cancer & Clean Beauty

Caylei Vogelzang, the editor of Cancer Wellness magazine, and Karen chat about Karen’s cancer journey and share their thoughts on how cancer warriors can make healthy skincare choices.

Buying Green Beauty

Stacey Stilts, Immunocologie partner and owner of Green Line Beauty in Los Angeles, and Karen offer advice for making the best eco-conscious buying choices.

Breathe Deeply

Wellness guru Yamuna Zake joins Karen for a powerful conversation and breathing practice that you can do at home.

Conscious Fashion

Melissa Lorenzo-Hervé, owner of Pirouette NYC, chats with Karen about her easy, ethical, elevated fashion line.

Aging with Grace

Karen and Manon Crespi, model and founder of the Manon Des Sources haircare line, talk about empowering women to defy stereotypes, embrace authenticity, and re-define what a pro-age woman looks and feels like.

Cleaning Up the Cost of Cancer

The women of Cancer Cartel, a 501 c3 nonprofit, join Karen for an intimate discussion on the rising costs of fighting cancer and what their organization is doing to fight the problem, as well as ways we can all support the cause.


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