For those not yet versed in the chemistry of cosmetics, what does the phrase ‘skincare delivery system’ actually mean?

In the new, scientifically savvy conversations surrounding skincare, there is a phrase that is cropping up repeatedly: the “skincare delivery system”. In fact, at Immunocologie we are particularly invested in the term, because we have formulated our own products with effective delivery systems at their very core. But for those not versed in the chemistry of cosmetics, what does the phrase actually mean? How might it improve your crèmes and serums? And, most importantly, what does it do for your skin? Here, we demystify the presence of skincare delivery systems in your products…


Minerals like copper play essential roles in the body and the skin. With a skincare delivery system, they’re more effectively metabolized by the skin.

They get nutrients to where they’re needed

Delivery systems refer to the technologies built by product formulators to integrate, protect and stabilize the actives (minerals, vitamins, etc) that they put into cosmetics. For example, it’s all well and good having 15 minerals in our Vital Ionic Mist but, if all they are doing is resting on the surface of your skin, they won’t be doing much for your complexion. An effective delivery system allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin’s barrier, and delivers nutrients to where they are needed most. In products that include multiple different actives, a delivery system also encapsulates ingredients, which prevents their premature interaction and means that, when they reach where they need to go, they are performing with optimum efficacy.  A deliverysystem is just as crucial to a cosmetic formula as the actives themselves: after all, active ingredients are extremely sensitive to degradation, and have to be stabilized to ensure that they retain optimum efficacy. Delivery systems ensure that stability.

So, why doesn’t everyone use them?

The development of delivery systems is expensive and time consuming: finding the correct balance of molecules for each product is a particularly delicate process, and so it is usually only high-end or pharmaceutical-grade cosmetics that employ them. However, without them, the benefits of active ingredients become significantly reduced – or, in some cases, completely redundant.

Robust chemistry + Clean, Raw, Natural Actives = the key to an effective and healthy skincare product

And why does Immunocologie?

So, what do we do at Immunocologie to ensure our delivery systems are working with, rather than against, the wealth of actives that each of our products contains? Firstly, we have designed our own delivery system derived from the world’s most mineral rich clays: Vital Oligo Science. Then, each of our products is integrated with a unique and patented technology called Frametime, which allows us to create physical rather than chemical emulsions: we use the diverse natural mineral layers of clay to interlace specific actives while keeping them separated from one another.

Frametime gives us the ability to develop products that we consider to be ‘intelligent’ – meaning that they’re able to only release the actives needed by the skin. It means that, if your skin is in need of more of a certain active, more will gradually be released by the product: even though the product itself is always the same, each application is unique. It’s why we don’t have different ranges for different skin types: our products do the work for you. So, in simple terms, a skincare delivery system is what actually ensures that a product, and all of the actives that it contains, has a visible impact on your complexion. It might sound verbose, but it’s the result of years spent in laboratories across the world – and so it’s worth understanding, and investing in.

The Debrief:

  • Without an effective skincare delivery system, ingredient-rich products are rendered redundant.
  • A good delivery system preserves precious skincare actives – without the use of damaging chemicals.
  • Every single Immunocologie product embraces intelligent delivery systems to ensure that your skin gets exactly what it needs – and that’s why we only have one product range. Simple.


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