Every day, a very dedicated group of individuals work to share the Immunocologie brand with the world. Get to know them and some of things they love with this new series “The Things We Embrace”, available during the first week of every month.

Samantha Citro, Director of Marketing and Operations

Food: Toasts. Classic avocado, burrata and fresh peas, butternut squash and goat cheese… the options are endless and delicious.

Reading: The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger. When I need to relax I pull out a girly novel, and Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada) is the QUEEN of girly novels.

Skin Routine: Face Oils. With the dry winter weather (and even dry-er heat in my apartment), face oils are my savior. I’ve been using Immunocologie’s Face Serum every day morning and night for the past two months, and it has been a serious game changer. I usually go foundation-free, but when I need a little extra coverage it works as a great primer for my W3ll People bio tint.

Ariel Sadeghi, Sales & Marketing Associate Manager 
Wellness routine: I always find myself buying silk eye masks as impulse purchases, and am currently loving Morgan Lane’s masks. My bedroom gets a ton of light, so it’s impossible to sleep in on weekends without an eye mask. Their eye masks are chic, whimsical and luxe.

Hair Routine: I’m obsessed with my Dyson hair dryer. It is sleek and beautiful, and the functionality is amazing! The dryer is quiet and easy to hold, and my hair dries twice as quickly.

Staying Hydrated: I can’t live without sparkling water. It’s so much more fun than flat water! It always makes my day when a restaurant has sparkling water on tap.

Hannah Levy, Social Media and Communications Intern

Skincare: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – I have super dry skin and it gets even worse in the winter so I Iike to buy a jar of cold pressed coconut oil and just let it sit on my skin when I’m at home. It really moisturizes and conditions my skin and it’s natural.

Fragrance: I am a big fan of Jo Malone. Their fragrances don’t feel overpowering but they’re really interesting and beautiful. My current favorite is “Oud and Bergamot.” It has a kind of smoky scent but it’s also a bit sweet once it warms up on your skin.

Music: Since “A Tribe Called Quest” released their new album it reinvigorated my love for old hip-hop and R&B. Lauryn Hill, D’angelo, and The Notorious B.I.G. are just a few of my

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