Every day, a very dedicated group of individuals work to share the Immunocologie brand with the world. Get to know them and some of things they’re into “The Things We Love”. With this month being Earth Month, we’re featuring the things our team is into with a focus on sustainability and ecology. 

Dakota Isaacs, Senior Account Executive, KFD PR. 

Drinking: Attempting to finish off two 1L bkrs a day. The Hyaluronic Serum is my saving grace but won’t be able to perform at it’s best if I’m not hydrated properly. The founders of bkr always say that if you’re even 2% dehydrated, it’ll show on your skin. From an environmental prospective, it’s obviously a no-brainer that glass is greener. Plus, you’d never drink Veuve out of plastic.

Dining: Eating seasonally + locally as much as possible. Rosemary’sEllary’s and The Fat Radish are my favorites for farm-to-table. It’s hard to beat Dig Inn when it comes to the grab-and-go lunch scene.

Doing: Getting my hands dirty this month with the New York Junior League’s Playground Improvement Project at Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem. Our goal is to create safe and beautiful educational play spaces for children and members of the local community.

Ryan Knowles, Immunocologie Director of Communications

Travel: As an urbanite living in New York City, spring is finally here and I will be walking as much as possible. At moments when a taxi is too convenient an option, I still prefer to walk from place to place. The city is also an incredibly lively place, walking gives you some great people watching.

Bills, bills, bills: I have completely cut out any paper billing from my life. Anything from utility bills, credit card statements, and more, I have all switched to electronic.

At home: I have been really into the idea of urban farming and agriculture for quite some time. I tend to eat out more than I should. That also means I’m limiting my control of where what I am eating comes from and how it gets to me. I love what Massachusetts based Grove, basically a company started by a few MIT grads that gives you the ability to grow a full organic garden, year round, right inside your home.

Hydration: I know this is a popular one amongst the Immunocologie team, but I have become obsessed as my colleagues have with my bkr water bottle. I’ve noticed a positive difference when sticking to my hydration regimen via bkr in everything from my skin to my hair, even my ability to focus during a long day. It has also cut in half the amount of plastic I use day-to-day. Lifechanger.



Samantha Citro, Immunocologie Director of Marketing and Operations

Me-Time Indulgence: Pedicures at Sweet Lily. Sweet Lily is a natural, sustainably-minded nail spa with treatments focused on healing, wellness, and relaxation (and of course pretty nails). When I need some me-time, I head down to Sweet Lily for their Sandalwood Rose pedicure and a cup of ginger tea. Pure bliss.

Sustainable Hydration: BKR

Hydration is so important, especially in my dry New York apartment, so before BKR I was probably going through 8 plastic water bottles a day. Now I can stay hydrated, reduce waste, AND carry around the chicest water bottle around.

Indoor Gardening: Eva Solo Self Watering Planter

I love a good house plant, but I suffer from the world’s worst black thumb. Late last month I discovered the self watering planter, and it’s changed everything. Finally I can get something to grow (and help filter out some of the pollutants in the air) so my entire window sill is filled with flowers and herbs. The best part: now I never run out of basil!

Eco Chic Makeup: Antonym

I’m always on the hunt for a great highlighter, and I love that Antonym’s is highly pigmented (created by a makeup artist) and comes in sustainable bamboo packaging.

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