When Leilani Bishop and Bethany Mayer first decided to build East Coast apothecary Botanica Bazaar, it was with a resolute determination to champion a holistic approach to natural beauty and wellness. One year down the line, they tell us about their journey thus far and share their own beauty regimens…

How did you first decide to set up Botanica Bazaar?

Leilani: We both wanted to be more involved in our town of Amagansett, and create a store that satisfied a need in our community. When we first talked about our ideas, we were both thinking the same thing, which was great… it was super easy to say yes to partnering up!

Bethany: Exactly! We both saw so many new and innovative natural products that were grossly under represented – and we wanted to support the chemical-free direction that health, wellness and beauty are heading towards.

How have each of your backgrounds informed the business? Have you taken inspiration from anywhere else?

Leilani: I come from a fashion and beauty background and Bethany comes from a fashion design and retail background – both have helped with our product knowledge and getting the store open. I also believe that we both pull from our personal lives and our interests in health. Plus, having children strengthened both of our desires to live a non-toxic life.

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