Pregnancy Routine

During Pregnancy, skin is often very sensitive. Products used during pregnancy should be gentle, and soothe inflammation that is caused by factors such as hormone levels, stretching skin, genetics, and blood flow. With increased hormone levels, skin tends to produce excess oil, which can lead to breakouts, so products should be lightweight.

All of Immunocologie’s ingredients and formulas are not only pregnancy safe, but give you an extra layer of safety as they contain only proven non-toxic ingredients, never tested on animals: no artificial fragrance or colors, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, or fragrances.

Your base routine for healthy, glowing skin should include:

  • Cleansing Lotion (morning and night): gentle cleanser to clean off excess oil and buildup. Safe for all types of skin.
  • Day Protection (morning and night): lightweight creme full of nourishing lipids and antioxidants to stimulate collagen production and renew skin.
  • Vital Ionic Mist (morning and night): helps calm skin, taking down redness and irritation. Can be used as a toner or refreshing mist anytime during the day.

    Full size collections include a complimentary digital download of The Value of Touch Infant Massage by our founder, Karen Ballou.

    Size Options:

    • Full Size* (3-month supply)
    • Sample Size (2-week supply)