We believe our products should not only benefit the health and long term well being of your skin, they should also benefit the planet, and the communities that help us create our formulations.

Karen Ballou – Founder of Immunocologie

Photo: Baobab (Seed Oil)


It is our philosophy that a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and social stewardship is an essential component of modern life and business. These principles are a staple of the Immunocologie brand. Just as our treatments work alongside the skin’s natural metabolic processes, our ingredient sourcing and product development procedures work sustainably with the communities we source our ingredients from.

We practice these principles thorough adherence to the Nagoya Protocol’s articles on Access and Benefit Sharing, whose main objective is to establish guidelines on and transparency around the equitable sharing of benefits arising from the harvesting of genetic resources and organic materials. With the Nagoya Protocol as our blueprint for sourcing integrity, all Immunocologie treatments are sustainably and equitably sourced in accordance with the world’s highest standards of environmentally and socially sound trade.


Immunocologie directly works with the communities we source from in Brazil, Colombia, Burkina Faso and India to provide educational scholarships, school supplies and support a variety of other educational projects.

Our sustainability and equity model is highlighted in Burkina Faso, where we source three of our primary ingredients:

  • 150 tons of fruit are harvested every 18 months, and offset by replanting an equivalent amount between harvests
  • Water and natural resources are managed and co-owned by the local community
  • Scholarships, grants, school supplies and higher education opportunities are provided to the families of our farmers.
  • Since our program was initiated in 2011, when just 6 students were enrolled in local schools, over 2,000 are enrolled as of May 2017.