The holidays are upon us and throughout the festivities, sometimes our skin can pay the price. So we reached out to some of our favorite skin wellness experts to get their tips on how to keep your skin glowing no matter the occasion. 


Celebrity Make Up Artist and Aesthetician


To prep my skin and keep it healthy for the holiday season, not stripping your acid mantle, or hydro-lipid barrier is so important to maintaining healthy skin, so I start by using a lathering facial cleanser that’s easy on the skin. Two is hydration,  hydration,  hydration!  I like to begin with facial misting, serums featuring hyaluronic serum and sealing all of that hydration in with a facial oil.

Other than that, exfoliating twice a week and facial masks twice a week,  I like to do a clay mask and then follow with some type of hyaluronic acid mask to put good none pore clogging moisture back on my face after the clay mask… If you can’t tell hyaluronic acid is my must have lol, buy these are the ways I keep my face ready and glowing for all those holiday parties.

Expert Aesthetician and Co-founder of Smith and Brit, a New York City based skincare boutique and spa. 

The holidays can be a tough season for the skin. The changes in weather, the added stress of meeting end of year deadlines, and late nights out at various social gatherings and holiday parties can make the skin dehydrated and fatigued.

Here are some tips I give my clients to help them thru this time:

1. Start the season with a facial heavy on exfoliation and hydration. If you’re unable to squeeze a facial into the busy holiday months, I recommend an at home facial with an AM glycolic exfoliation followed by an evening oxygen mask. Follow with hydrating, anti-inflammatory products such as hyaluronic serum followed by an oil (personal favorite). Immunocologie’s face serum is a great inflammation inhibitor and their intense eye crème is a good anti-puff eye cream – both of which will be essential through the holidays. If wearing heavy makeup (ie. holiday parties, etc) this alone is enough, if not wearing makeup follow the face serum with a great moisturizer.

2. Night routines are key – I highly recommend removing all makeup, cleansing the face, and then applying hydrating serum followed by a stopper of face oil (aka Immunocologie’s face serum). This time we’re going to massage it in from the inner forehead to temples the inner nose to outer cheek corners of the mouth to the ear then jawline inner chin up and out to just under ear – finish by going down the neck from the chin light strokes down towards collar bone then from in collar bone out to shoulders. I recommend doing a simple light massage like that with 3 passes to each area- that will keep lymph fluid (which responds to body’s under stress and particularly effects the eyes cheeks and jaw causing puffiness) moving through the face and body. Follow with a hydrating night cream to replenish the skin during rest, and an eye cream (of course!) on top near the brow bone and under each eye. In addition to this, I also recommend drinking mint and chamomile tea morning and night – both help with inflammation. However, if you still find yourself waking up with a puffy face in spite of doing everything right, take an ice cube and trace the contours of the eye area for up to 5 minutes.

3. I also encourage weekly exfoliation – an easy and very effective way to do this is to pop on the oxygen mask before bed 1 night a week followed by Immunocologie’s Vital Clay Mask (I love it!) – this is especially helpful during the times where one has over indulged on anything inflammatory such as caffeine, alcohol, salt and sugar. I recommend applying it for up to 20 minutes after getting home and taking off makeup, or using it first thing in the morning all over face and especially under the eyes as the clay draws out impurities and beautifully detoxifies the skin.

Smith and Brit is located at 233 W. 19th Street in New York City. Click here to learn more about their store and spa services. 

Celebrity Make Up Artist

Temperatures are dropping quick and the heat inside is dehydrating our skin at rapid speed, stripping it of its natural oils, leaving it dry dull and stressed. My beauty regimen for fall gearing up for winter includes LOADS of hydration, a mix of diet and a few of my favorite products from Immunocologie.

Starting with the cleansing lotion, sluff off that tired skin for a more radiant fresh and dewy complexion. The desert date seed oil in this cleanser has properties that soften and repair dry and damaged skin. It’s mild enough that î can use it morning and night and my skin is just loving me for the consistency. Being consistent with any skincare routine for at least three weeks can do wonders for your glow and clear up any kind of skin emergency.

Next up:

My favorite product right now that can easily be added to any routine are hydration masks.  Using Immunocologie’s Night Protection as one is my best kept beauty hack. Though it can be used daily to finish off your beauty routine, I like to use it as a quick face mask before a fun event or for a glowing red carpet moment for my clients. Lay it on thick so it can hydrate, repair and minimize the appearance of all those fine lines and dare we say..wrinkles.

As important as a good beauty ritual or two are.. they’re nothing if you don’t have a healthy diet. Beauty that starts from within comes from oil rich foods that can help lock in moisture. Start introducing these favs into your day: avocados, grilled salmon, chia seeds, ground flax, caviar, walnuts and try putting a spoonful of virgin coconut oil into your smoothies/green drinks. Skip the coffee this morning and start your day off with some hot lemon water or local honey tea, you will instantly (by noon) see an amazing transformation happen with your new glowing complexion.

Enjoy the holidays, ditch the fudge and fruitcake and show off that glow!

Click here to see Brit’s work. 

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