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Zoom Immunocologie Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds
Zoom Immunocologie Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds
Zoom Immunocologie 24K Gold Ear Seeds
Zoom Immunocologie 24K Gold Ear Seeds
Zoom Immunocologie Stainless Steel Ear Seeds
Zoom Immunocologie Stainless Steel Ear Seeds



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These at-home adhesive ear seeds will help you upgrade your self-care. Place the seeds on specific points on the ear to support physical and emotional well-being. Each kit includes 20 seeds and instructions on where to adhere seeds for different intentions. Ear seeds are safe, non-invasive, needle-less, and promote deep pressure with ease.

Download our Ear Seeds Mapping Guide here

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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    Clean and dry the outside of your ear. Ear seeds should always go on the outside of your ear, never in your ear canal.

    Identify the desired point from the package’s diagram or our Ear Mapping Guide. An acupuncturist can also help you choose and apply the seeds to the best points for your needs.

    Use tweezers to apply the ear seed to the point on each ear. Ear seeds typically come pre-attached to adhesive tape; try not to touch the sticky side of the tape. Press gently on the tape to make sure it sticks.

    Massage ear seeds gently. Do this two to three times each day or when you have symptoms. Apply pressure by rubbing the seeds with a circular motion for one to three minutes.

    Change them regularly. Ear seeds may fall off on their own after about three to five days. It’s not recommended to leave them on for more than five days, even if they’re still in place.

    Remove them. You can use tweezers or your nails. To make sure seeds don’t fall into your ear canal, tilt your head so your ear faces the ground before taking them off. If a seed does fall into your ear and doesn’t come out, contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible.


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