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Why You Need Vetiver Oil in Your Life

It's no secret that essential oils are having a moment right now. Oils such as lavender, rose, and eucalyptus line the shelves of health food stores while ads for oil diffusers fill our newsfeeds. At Immunocologie, we love all kinds of oils and the therapeutic qualities they offer. It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of our favorite oils, one which is incredibly underappreciated, is vetiver oil.  

Our founder, Karen, chose to add vetiver oil to each of our products because of the amazing effects it has on your skin and skin health. Because of its healing properties, this oil can help moisturize, reduce acne, and even heal scars- plus it smells amazing!

Used all over the world for soaps, cosmetics, and perfume, vetiver oil has been around for ages. In fact, one can trace its usage back to ancient times. This oil comes from a native Indian plant, belonging to the same family as lemongrass.   

Vetiver oil is a great essential oil that helps to improve brain function, improve sleeping patterns, and help those with ADHD. It is easy to understand why vetiver is known as the “oil of tranquility" since it has a grounding and calming effect.  Next time you go to sleep or you are feeling overwhelmed about work, instead of reaching for the classic lavender, try using a bit of vetiver essential oil instead.

Not only is vetiver oil helpful in balancing one's emotions, but it can help balance your skin as well. Its hydrating features help tighten the skin. This oil also contains antioxidants which reduce free radicals on your skin, that often lead to signs of aging. Not to mention, it is a great oil for reducing dark spots on your skin, leaving your face looking younger and brighter.


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