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Sunlight And Skin Wellness

For some of us, summer may start when we purchase our plane tickets and Airbnb for that summer vacation to the beach or when children begin their summer break. In reality, the official kickoff of summer is June 21st, also known as the Summer Solstice.

How Does the Sun Benefit Our Health?

Although the Summer Sun can wreak havoc on your skin, causing breakouts, we can’t forget the crucial role the sun plays on our health and wellness. Have you ever noticed you are happier during the summer? Yes, you can chalk this joyfulness up to less responsibility, summer vacations, and the warm sun hitting your face. But did you know there is a medical reason for this bliss?

It Can Improve Our Sleep and Mood

This stems from sunlight regulating our circadian rhythm otherwise known as our internal clocks. This is what helps us stay awake during the day and asleep at night. During the winter months, being deprived of sunlight can cause Seasonal Effective Disorder, also known as SAD. It can cause mild depression. Exposing your body to sunlight helps you have a productive morning and sleep better at night.

Vitamin D Can Reduce Inflammation and Illness

When you expose yourself to sunlight, you help your body produce vitamin D, which then promotes calcium absorption needed for bone growth and remodeling. This trusty little hormone (yes, vitamin D is actually a hormone) has also been linked to reducing inflammation and protecting your immune system against illness. In fact, several common diseases are linked to Vitamin D deficiency.


Choose Sunshine-Friendly Skincare

However, just because Vitamin D is good for you doesn't mean you shouldn’t protect yourself from the sun and its UVB radiation. Make sure to lather up on sunscreen or other natural alternatives while exposing yourself to sunlight. Did you know that certain seed oils and plant extracts are sunshine-friendly? Grapevine extract, when applied prior to UV exposure, creates a naturally sunshine resistant-like barrier that reduces redness and inflammation. Our Super 7 Serum contains this magical ingredient perfect for the summer sun and heat.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!


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