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Step-by-Step: How Immunocologie Can Clear Up Mask-Related Acne

Though the CDC instructed to avoid touching our faces during the COVID-19 outbreak, there is one thing that has been in constant contact with our faces and skin: masks. While these coverings have been beneficial in slowing the spread of the novel Coronavirus, they unfortunately have become an issue for some people with sensitive skin.

Enter: maskne, or more formally known as acne mechanica. While anyone can become subject to this type of acne, it’s most commonly found in athletes, students, and soldiers, and is triggered by excess heat, pressure, friction, or rubbing of the skin—and subsequently, personal protective masks. The skin becomes compromised while using a daily protective face mask; issues can include breakouts, oily skin, clog pores—some skin types even become dry and dehydrated, which leads to skin discomfort and inflammation.

Fortunately, all of these conditions can be corrected. After witnessing the increase in mask-related skin sensitivity, I developed Immunocologie’s new Simple and Effective Treatment for Skin Repair to help anyone suffering from mask-related acne.

  1. Clean skin begins with Cleansing Lotion. Cleanse with the Immunocologie Cleansing Lotion using light and gentle, circular movements to avoid irritating the skin. Rinse with tepid water and pat dry.

  2. Treat compromised skin to the detoxifying and oil-absorbing Vital Clay Mask or Spot Treatment to dry blemishes, renew, and refresh the skin.

  3. Balance and nourish with our Vital Ionic Mist, which has been lab tested and proven to protect the skin. Spritz the mist all over the face and neck to balance the skin’s microbiome, moisturize, detoxify, and help protect it from free radicals, bacteria, and viruses.

  4. Hydrate and moisturize using our Hyaluronic Serum for oily skin or the Day Protection moisturizer for dry skin. Apply all over the face, neck, and décolletage.

Learn more about it in the video below.


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