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Immunocologie and Wellness for Cancer to Host Wellness Literacy Workshops to Increase Inclusivity at World Wellness Weekend Event Venues

Fueled by optimism, authenticity and solidarity, we collectively seek to further our impact for individuals and their families living with and beyond cancer.

Julie Bach, Executive Director of Wellness for Cancer announces a social impact partnership in collaboration with World Wellness Weekend funded through a grant by cancer survivor Karen Ballou, Co-Founder of Lucas Brand Equity and skin health/skincare company Immunocologie.  

Ahead of World Wellness Weekend (September 16th-18th, 2022), Wellness for Cancer will help participating venues expand their health and wellness literacy surrounding cancer awareness – from prevention through survivorship. The workshops are based on Healthy Living content Bach teaches at community centers, as well as her workshop at the prestigious 2017 Society of Integrative Oncology Conference on the role of spa and wellness centers as community partners.

The charity will also offer complimentary consulting sessions to help venues tailor their World Wellness Weekend event offerings and promote their role as social stewards of wellness.

Through Immunocologie, Karen created a brand that surrounds the body with natural and clean ingredients beneficial for any life stage. Karen is passionate about helping those affected by cancer to live healthy lifestyles, and educating all on the connection of mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. 

“As a cancer survivor, I am honored to be partnering with Wellness for Cancer to help promote a more inclusive space for those affected by cancer. Wellness is about the mind-body connection, and I know that this year will be full of wonderful events and talks that help us feel more connected to ourselves and our communities.” said Karen Ballou, CEO of Immunocologie.

The end goal is to help venues provide simple experiences that can increase an individuals confidence and self-efficacy toward making lasting wellness lifestyle choices during and after cancer. 

“We could not be prouder to launch this program. There is a significant gap between  the wellness knowledge in the industry and the wellness literacy of the general public.  This Global Community Engagement initiative is an opportunity to change that. “ Julie Bach, Executive Director, Wellness for Cancer. 

In addition to the workshops, Ballou and Immunocologie will be hosting a series of educational talks and events by leading experts in the wellness industry, spanning from nutrition, breathwork, mindfulness, sleep and beyond. The online stream will showcase all the five pillars of World Wellness Weekend and their intersection with cancer across the world, including some new ones like sex and cancer.

“I have had many friends and family members touched by and lost to cancer.  This partnership is one that began a few years ago and I am so happy in seeing this come to life making an even greater impact to those who need it most. This is just the beginning. #wellnessforall” Jean Guy de Gabriac, founder World Wellness Weekend.


Latin America
Webinar in Spanish June 20, 2022 10AM CDMX (11AM EST)


Middle East/Africa/UAE
June 21, 2022 10AM Dubai- United Arab Emirates (2AM EST)


June 22, 2022 9AM Hong Kong (9PM EST)


June 29, 2022 9AM EST  


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