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Two things make a beauty product so hyped it sells out completely:

1. If it suddenly pops up on Cult Beauty.

2. If it makes a TV debut on QVC (ok, and if a Kardashian says they use it).

But only one thing means it’ll acquire a waiting list longer than the M6: if it’s really bloody good.

Enter the Immunocologie Vital Clay Mask.




It might be one of those uber niche under-the-radar skincare brands that takes pride of place inside many a beauty journo’s bathroom cabinet, but thanks to that TV appearance, not to mention a wave of facialists (from London to New York) singing its praises all over social media, Immunocoligie has only recently assumed cult status.

The product everyone’s obsessed with? The game-changing Vital Clay face mask.

Forget peel-offs or sheet versions, because the brand’s slather-on-wash-off mask takes beauty back to basics, harnessing the purifying, exfoliating, calming and hydrating properties of natural, raw French green clay. Trust, it works.

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