There is nothing new about using clay as part of a physical regime: ever since   ancient times, various clays have been an integral component in caring for one’s complexion and general wellbeing (in fact, even Cleopatra is rumoured to have clay masked). The physicians of Mesopotamian Pharaohs would use local clays as anti-inflammatories; the Ebers Papyrus (the oldest and most renowned medical resource we have available from the Ancient Egyptians) prescribed ochre to heal everything from intestinal issues to waning eyesight.

Then, there is Lemnian clay – a favourite of Pliny, who would not only use it for snakebites but also rub it under his eyes. The renowned physician Galen would form clay into round cakes and stamp with a likeness of the goddess Diana, prescribing it for inflammations and wounds. Clay was considered almost a cure-all – not only renowned for its cosmetic properties, but equally for its internal medicinal benefits.

However, what modern chemistry has allowed us to do is to refine clay’s benefits and turn its celebrated properties into skincare science. At Immunocologie, we blend four different raw earth clays to deliver the ultimate in cosmetic care and skin health. Using Montmorillonite and Illite (French, green clays) – which naturally purify, detoxify and nourish the skin – alongside the highly absorbent Kaolin and mineral-rich Canadian Colloidal Clay, we’ve managed to create a recipe for what we call Vital Oligo Science: an all-natural, highly nourishing mineral complex with a negative ionic charge that reduces cellular degradation, thus thwarting skin aging and fine lines.

Additionally, the antiseptic properties of the clays work to heal abrasions, as their anciently renowned anti-inflammatories reduce redness, puffiness and swelling, and its myriad minerals offer nourishment essential to skin immune health. Vital Oligo Science also plays an essential role in how we emulsify each of our products, allowing us to bind oil and water without the use of any chemicals or heating techniques. This means no chemicals and more importantly, an even more effective natural product.

These composites form the foundation for our products, and their combination with our carefully-sourced, all-natural ingredients makes for optimum skincare that combines ancient benefits with contemporary science. So, while Cleopatra might have been relying on old wives tales to restore her renowned complexion to its original glory, we can be assured by cold, hard facts that what we’re making works to support skin immune health – and we’re passing them on through our products.

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