Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tracy Sharpe

In 2012, Immunocologie Sales Director Tracy Sharpe was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, one of the rarest known forms of breast cancer. After overcoming the disease following a year long battle, she went into remission, only the find out in 2015 that she had relapsed and had to once again go through treatment. We spoke with Tracy about her harrowing experience along with the advice she has for others who may be going through treatment.  

Tell us a little bit about your journey from diagnosis to remission. 

During the month of April in 2012, I was unfortunately diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of breast cancer called Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Fortunately though, it was only stage 1. Within 6 months, I had under gone 35 rounds of radiation and 6 months of weekly chemo therapy. It was without a doubt a long and difficult battle. At this point, I had lost all my hair and was struggling with the side effects of chemo, with weekly check ins with the doctors to monitor how my body was holding up while undergoing treatment.

After some pretty intense treatment towards the end, I finally reached remission, and was cancer free. I took this as a second chance at life, and did many things I never thought I would do. I found myself feeling more brave and adventurous in a brand new way.

That’s unfortunately when I relapsed and was re-diagnosed almost to the day in May 2015. All I could think was, here we go again. This time however, on top of losing my hair, I went through a double mastectomy. Yet, once again, I was able to make it through. This year marks 3 years since my remission, and I am so happy and grateful for each and every day.

How has your lifestyle changed since? 

My lifestyle has changed dramatically. I find myself rarely worrying or complaining now about the small things. The saying “Go big or go home” now has a whole new meaning to me. I travel more, I say things I used to hold back on. I have realized I fought twice for my life and I wont allow anyone treat me poorly or bring negative energy around me. I walk in the rain (which I think it is truly a game changer) and have taken more time in nature. I appreciate “me” time a lot more.

Tell us more about what you’re doing to stay healthy. 

For the most part, I eat very clean. I walk daily, I keep moving.

I also only use clean skin care, and that is exactly why I work for Immunocologie.

I think nothing is by accident, and because of Karen’s story as a cancer survivor, I now feel confident that I can share my story. They go hand in hand.

What’s your advice to those who know someone going through treatment? 

My one key piece of advice for people out there who are currently going through treatment is simple: stay positive and live your life, don’t stop living, give all you have, its well worth it at the end. See it through the end, it is more beautiful than I ever believed.