Watch: Karen Ballou and Cristina Cuomo Talk Summer Skincare and Wellness

Karen Ballou, a master celebrity esthetician and the founder and CEO of Immunocologie, recently sat down for an Instagram Live chat with Cristina Cuomo, editor-in-chief of Purist to talk all things wellness. Watch the interview below for tips on how Immunocologie can hydrate your skin this summer and heal acne related to mask-wearing, what fruits and veggies are most beneficial for your skin, the best ways to take care of yourself this summer, and more.

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Karen is truly amazing in her understanding of the skin. If you have not tried her products they are worth every penny. Much like the good bones of a house, your skin is the first thing people notice and needs to be taken care bbn of. Bravo Karen, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Megan Megale July 08, 2020

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