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The Immunocologie Difference: Meet The Immunocologists

As a licensed esthetician, I know the importance of education in skincare. It doesn't matter if someone has top-of-the-line luxury skincare products, if they're using products that aren't meant for their skin type, or are using the products incorrectly, they won't achieve the results they were hoping for—it's that simple. Plus, with such a saturated skincare market, it's more important than ever to vet the products you're using and to make sure they're the right choice for you. How do you know where to start, though? It can be overwhelming.

This need for education drove me to develop our Immunocologists Program. I want to make sure that every Immunocologie user gets the most out of each order, so immediately upon purchase, every Immunocologie client is paired with a personal, professional skincare strategist—aka an Immunocologist.

Our Immunocologists are your ultimate skincare advocates. They are here to help you achieve your skin goals by providing you with advice for the best products, routines, technique, and more to create beautiful, nourished skin from the outside in. I know they have your best interest at heart—I personally vet them myself.

I truly feel our Immunocologists program is what sets Immunocologie apart in an overcrowded beauty world. Education is a cornerstone of my beauty and wellness philosophy, and as such it's a cornerstone of our line, as well. If you have any questions about Immunocologie's products, we are here to help.

Learn more about the program in my video message below, and as always, feel free to reach out to me at to share your thoughts. I can't wait to connect you with your Immunocologist!



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