4 Skincare Products You Need To Incorporate Into Your Halloween Makeup

One of the scariest parts about Halloween—for skincare fans anyway—is the havoc that cheap costumes and makeup can wreak on your skin. Combine that with over indulging in sweet treats and you've got a recipe for skin disaster.

Fortunately, Immunocologie's clean and natural products are scientifically formulated to help your skin detox from both internal and external agitators. In fact, some of your daily Immunocologie favorites are actually perfect for prepping and protecting the skin this Halloween season. Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or staying put for a cozy night in, these products will help your skin look and feel its best.

Pre-Makeup Prep with the Vital Ionic Mist

The Vital Ionic Mist provides amazing anti-pollutant skin protection with all day hydration. Use it this weekend to make sure your skin is hydrated before you apply any theatrical makeup to create your Halloween look.

Pro Tip: Spritz some of the mist after completing your look as a makeup setting spray! You'll be set to scare people all night long...

Immunocologie Vital Ionic Mist

Easy Makeup Removal with a Cleansing Lotion + Face Serum Oil Combo

This gentle cleanser is deeply nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion. Combine that with the silkiness of our Face Serum Oil and you've got the most hydrating and thorough makeup remover you've ever used.

Pro Tip: Use Face Serum Oil as a primer before applying your makeup!

Immunocologie Face Serum Oil

A Not-So-Scary Mask

No—there's no scary green monster here, just the healing effects of French Green Clay. Heavy Halloween makeup and candy over-indulgence don't stand a chance ruining your skin thanks to our Vital Clay Mask!

Simply apply our signature face mask to detoxify and hydrate your skin to reveal healthy, glowing, and refreshed glow. 

Immunocologie Vital Clay Mask


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