Karen Ballou, Founder & CEO 

After the summer, I always feel like my skin has an amazing glow, so I want to maintain that, while also making sure I’m preparing my skin for colder and drier weather. My go to products are….

Oxygen Treatment Creme really helps the skin to perform at it’s best… and it definitely shows in the morning, my skin always looks fresh and renewed after using it! I also Love the slight tingling sensation when I put it on at night!
After I’ve done that, I will use Super 7 Elixir to brighten, tighten, and nourish my skin throughout the day.
I’ll then finish with a light touch of Face Serum, it’s an incredibly luscious dry oil with a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced, nourishing oils that provide the omega vitamins that nurture the skin and provide an elegant layer of hydration and radiance.
Tracy Sharpe, Sales Director 
This is always tough for me, because each product just does so many wonderful things for my skin, but my “can’t live withouts” this time of year would have to be….
I am a huge fan of the Vital Clay for so many reasons.  It’s buttery texture makes it great for easy application, and it’s incredibly versatile! It can be used as a cleanser, as well as a leave on mask. I’ll leave it on until dry and then remove with warm water and a towel, my skin feels more plump and hydrated as a result.
My follow up is the Night Protection creme, to combat dryness from the elements and help restore and re , I also use this is the day time when I want to  secure additional hydration, also allows make up to go on smoothly as a foundation base.
Jenn Williams, Regional Sales and Education Director, Canada 

With Vital Clay a little hack that is great is to mix it with any cleanser, giving you a gentle gommage that beautifully cleanses, purifies and clears theskin. My skin always feels softer, looks smoother, and brighter when I mix into my cleanser. It’s a staple of my weekly skincare routine!
Face Serum is absolutely a product I cannot live without! For all of you with oily skin, this light weight oil has actually calmed my oily skin. My skin is more clear, vibrant, and stronger than it’s ever been, even in my city’s fluctuating environment. Also, great for cuticles, and spilt ends too!
John Trau, Regional Sales and Education Director, East
At my age (52), it’s all about correcting the damage that’s been done and looking to maintain optimal skin health from here on out! After just the first week of using Super 7, I literally noticed a marked difference in the smoothness, clarity and brightness of my skin, an actual noticeable, visible change took place in my mirror at home, blew me away! I’m hooked!
This product is really a nighttime miracle mask! I kid you not. If you ever want to wake up in the morning looking like you’ve just been to a spa, use this product the night before and enjoy the start of a new day with skin looking its optimal best!
Christy Joseph, Digital Media and Marketing Assistant 
This mask is a favorite for me especially in the fall!  As the weather gets cooler, my skin tends to lose out on moisture. So using the mask is a must because it not only hydrates but it leaves my skin with an amazing glow.
This serum is my go-to for Fall. As someone with dry skin, having a serum that’s light but highly moisturizing is important. The Body Serum leaves my skin moisturized and glowing.
Carolyn Howard, Brand Manager 
I love the face serum and use this product at night before my night protection cream to give my skin an extra boost of moisture at night. My skin definitely changes in the winter and it needs extra hydration so I would use this every day in the Fall / winter season. I also use this on the ends of my hair to help with frizz and dryness.
I tend to use this for day and night as the weather gets colder as this is is a richer cream which is great for hydration. This gives my skin needs the extra boost it needs.