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Behind Immunocologie’s Sustainability and Social Responsibility Programs

We’ve made a commitment to people and to the planet. Sustainability and social responsibility are a fundamental part of Immunocologie’s DNA.There is, and has always been, integrity behind our brand.

Each of our ingredients are sourced in accordance with the Fair Trade Act and the Nagoya Protocol, an international framework that sets some of the highest standards for sustainable and socially equitable business practices.

For example, in Burkina Faso (West Africa) where we source three of our primary ingredients, 150 tons of fruit are harvested every 18 months. We offset this by replanting the same amount between harvests. Water and natural resources are managed and co-owned by the local communities. As such, we provide scholarships, grants, school supplies, and higher education opportunities to the families of our farmers. When our program was initiated in 2011, just six students were enrolled in locals schools. Now, more than 2,000 students have been enrolled in education.

Our formulations were thoughtfully crafted in Europe, but we recently moved production to an organic lab in Maryland to support US-based business and diminish our carbon footprint. Our custom violet glass bottles protect products from damaging light, which preserves ingredients naturally and helps to preserve the smell, color, and bioenergy of our products. And of course, our boxes and shipping materials are all made from recycled materials.

Immunocologie isn’t just about skin wellness. What good is having nice skin if we harm the earth or its inhabitants in the process? At Immunocologie, our goal is not only to provide our users with high-quality skincare, it’s also to promote wellness as a lifestyle, whether that means eating clean, living green, giving back to others, and more. It’s not just about skin wellness—it’s about wellness for all.


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