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A Double Date for Your Skin This Valentine's Day

By Karen Ballou

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air. Can you feel it? This has always been one of my favorite holidays — the way people express their love freely without fear of judgement. There’s something so beautiful about vulnerability, tearing away the facade and revealing our true emotions, our true selves.

In our public lives we have the ability to hide our imperfections, but when it comes to the more intimate moments we are seen fully for what we are. This feeling of vulnerability can lead to a lack of confidence, and as we all know confidence is the sexiest quality.  

As the Founder and CEO of Immunocologie, I know that confidence can go a long way in reaching success. I want to share with you my go-to products for radiating confidence all over. I like to call them my “Double Dates” because they both contain a powerhouse ingredient — omega-rich oil from the Desert Date Tree seed from Africa. Like all of our ingredients, this oil is ethically sourced through fair trade practices and cold-pressed to maximize benefits to the skin.

Our beautiful moisturizing Face Serum Oil is a highly effective, nourishing face and neck oil. This omega-rich oil plumps, hydrates, and soothes the skin for a firmer, younger-looking, more radiant complexion. It’s great for all skin types, leaving the skin silky smooth. It even helps with fines lines. Half a dropper of this oil will leave your face feeling flawless, hydrated, and confidently ready to go au naturel. The more you use it the more it works, so I recommend using it daily as part of your morning and evening beauty routines.  

For the rest of your body, we have you covered with our delicious, skin-quenching Body Serum. Light to the touch but deeply moisturizing, this body oil comes in the form of a mist and is intended for full-body application. It will leave your skin silky-smooth, restored, and GLOWING. For best results, mist away after your bath or shower.  


The “Double Dates” are beautifully formulated, luxurious products that give you ultra-hydrated, smooth and silky to the touch skin for that extra je ne sais quoi. They are just what you need to feel confident and sexy in your own skin every day, from the boardroom to the bedroom.


I know you will fall in love with our serums this Valentine’s Day. That’s why I’m happy to announce that Immunocologie is offering a special sale — 30% off site-wide through February 14. Use the code LoveDay30 to shop today and save!


Feel the confidence, Feel the Love all over!️ 





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