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Five Ways To Make Your Bathroom Greener

In this day in age,  people are becoming more eco-conscious, determined to make a difference within our environment. Small things like reusable water bottles, aluminum straws, and ride-sharing apps are more common today than ever before. But there is more you can do. 

Surprisingly, a majority of the waste and garbage produced comes from the bathroom. Think about how many hygiene products go in and out of that room: shampoo bottles, toothpaste containers, floss, razors, the list is endless. However, there are small steps you can make to reduce your waste, leaving the planet a little greener than how you found it. 

Swap to Stainless Steel 

How often do you find yourself throwing out a used and rusty razor blade? One tip to help turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly room is to switch out your disposable razor to a stainless steel one. Not only can you recycle them at the end of their lifespan, but they have a longer life span than your typical drug store razor. 

Remove the PVC

One easy tip to “greenovate” your bathroom is changing out your curtain liner with a fabric option. Most curtain liners are made from PVC plastic which outgases chemicals and odors into your home and cannot be recycled when done. Instead, try to opt for one made from bamboo, hemp, or any organic material. 

Remember the first R- Reduce 

We learn about the 3 R’s in elementary school, but in case you need a refresher they are “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” An easy trick to make your bathroom environmentally conscious is reducing your water usage. Try turning off the water when brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers. 

Go for Bamboo

Roughly 50 million pounds of toothbrushes end up in landfills every year. Traditional toothbrushes are made from plastic, rubber, and nylon; and guess what- none of these materials are biodegradable meaning they sit in landfills and even end up in the ocean. So what can we do about it? Try switching to a bamboo toothbrush, but make sure they are certified organic. Several bamboo companies use formaldehyde to keep the toothbrush intact. 

Say Goodbye to Traditional Mouthwash 

On the subject of oral care, say goodbye to traditional mouthwash and say hello to mouthwash tablets. Instead of a large plastic bottle containing liquid, you have little tablets that dissolve in water. They are also incredibly easy to bring wherever you go. 


When making a change to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, small changes matter and make a big difference. It’s about doing your part and taking small strides to make the earth a happier and greener place. At Immunocologie, we understand it is our role to make a difference where we can. All our bottles are 100% recyclable and made from miran glass that acts as a natural preservative. If you are the DIY type of person, you can reuse our containers for clever crafts, particularly our vital clay mask container.


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