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5 End Of Winter Exfoliation Tips

 By Karen Ballou, Immunoclogie CEO & Founder. 

Exfoliating your skin at the end of winter brightens your skin by removing the build-up of dead skin cells. This will reveal soft and smoother skin and better performance when you use your skin serums and moisturizer. Try these five tips for the most effective ways to exfoliate:

  1. Choose the right exfoliant: Look for a gentle exfoliating product that suits your skin type. There are physical (where you manually rub the product over the skin) or chemical exfoliants (which dissolve dead skin cells). Many people tend to be too aggressive with physical exfoliants, so I recommend a chemical exfoliant such as our Exfoliating Lotion with Glycolic and Lactic AcidExfoliating Lotion can become part of your daily cleansing steps and is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive. This liquid exfoliant will dissolve dead skin cells, creating renewed, refreshed, brighter skin. 
  2. Avoid over-exfoliating: Exfoliating too often or aggressively can damage your skin's natural barrier and lead to dryness, irritation, and breakouts. Start with once or twice a week and gradually increase if necessary.
  3. Prepare your skin: Before exfoliating, cleanse your skin thoroughly with Immunocologie's Cleaning Lotion to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup. Followed by Vital Ionic Mist, which balances the skin barrier and aids the skin from free radicals and environmental stresses.
  4. Overnight self-care: When my clients want to see dramatic (yet non-aggressive) skin changes, I have them use the Oxygen Treatment Creme as an overnight sleep mask that features Magnesium to bring oxygen to the skin, glycolic to melt away the dead cells, all while you are sleeping and lactic acid to hydrate the skin and the added ingredient of snail mucin to help with cellular turnover with firming action as it helps reduces skin inflammation this product will aggressively help your skin's natural barrier! Talk about getting your beauty sleep!! Start on Sunday and use 2x's a week for optimal results.
  5.  Moisturize after exfoliating: Apply Immunocologie Hyaluronic Serum or Face Serum Oil immediately afterward to soothe, hydrate and deeply nourish your skin.  
Winter will soon be behind us. But if your skin has a build-up of dull, dead skin cells, remember that your moisturizers can't penetrate and do their job. Whisk away those dead skin cells once or twice a week. Exfoliation is essential for healthy, vibrant skin, even more during the winter.


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