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3 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For The New Year

It's easy to over indulge during the holiday season. We're eating more, drinking more, sleeping less, all in the name of celebration. And while all of these joyous occasions hopefully leave us feeling happy and grateful, our skin tends to sing a different song this time of year. Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and dehydration are just a few of the reasons our skin might be feeling less than merry during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are ways to prep your skin for a healthy New Year. Take a look:

1. Stay Hydrated

Despite the common misconception that drinking water hydrates the skin, what drinking water actually does is hydrate our organs and help flush toxins from the body, allowing our immune systems to perform at their healthiest. Regardless, a dehydrated body can certainly lead to the appearance of flaky, red, irritated, or dry skin. Be sure to carry a reusable water bottle around with you while out running holiday errands or doing chores around the house. You can even download reminder apps to your smartphone that send you notifications when it's time to drink!

2. Remove Your Makeup

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is take off your makeup. You're exhausted and want to crawl into bed, but think about how much longer it will take you to do your makeup in the morning to cover up your angry skin. Wouldn't you rather just take the 60 seconds tonight remove that makeup and wash your face? While we sleep, our bodies and brains repair, restore, and reenergize. When you don't take your makeup off before you go to sleep, you're preventing your skin from breathing and recuperating while you're snoozing.

3. Treat Yourself to Quality Skincare

The skincare market is saturated with products that claim to work in ways they don't. Many people are interested in starting a skincare routine but simply don't know where to begin, and despite the 12-step skincare routine craze that took off over recent years, the reality is that sometimes less is more. Immunocologie's Skin Type Collections are a really easy and effective way to find the four products you need for your specific skin concerns. Plus, when your skincare routine is simplified, you're more likely to follow it more consistently, and when it comes to skincare, consistency is key.

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